Balinese Traditional Massage and Treatment

Treatment Description Duration Price
Face Pack (Face Scrub & Face Musk) An exfoliating scrub mask treatment to soothe spots and control breakouts, very efficacious smooth facial skin and rejuvenation. 30 minutes/session $20
Body Scrub This body scrub can help warm, soft and cleansing the body, improve blood circulation, rejuvenate and moisturized. 60 minutes/session $26
Stick Massage Reflexology Reflex massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment. By pressing body points with a special stick a therapist normalizes energy flow, reduces power blocks, sends positive energy to specific organs and systems, as well as harmonizes the overall condition of the body and helps to relax. 60 minutes/session $24
Head Back & Shoulder Massage This special Balinese traditional massage treatment will help relived stress and tension in the head, neck, shoulder and your back. Very useful to relax your mind and body. 45 minutes/session $20
Balinese Traditional Massage With the choice of using oil or cream. Enjoy total peace and relaxation during this traditional massage. It will calm the nervous system, promote a sense Of well-being, improve blood circulation and stimulate the body's lymphatic system, which carries away waste products. 60 minutes/session $24
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