Treatment Description Duration Price
Extra person 60 minutes/session $15
Per once class, max 2 person 60 minutes/session $30
Januvasti Januvasti is a localized procedure to treat diseases of the knee joints. It also beieve as the most effective treatment for stiffness, inflammation and injury. 30 minutes/session $28
Urovasti Urovasti is an Ayurvedic procedure, which is based on local effects on the body with the help of aromatic oils. This is an effective treatment for various pain in the muscles Of the chest, respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma, heart disease, strokes, and etc. 30 minutes/session $28
Greevavasti In relieving the strain of the neck, which is the largest portion of the spine. This treatment has many benefit such as relief from pain and improvement the mobility in the neck, shoulder and upper limb, reduce frequency of headache, etc. 30 minutes/session $28
Kativasti This traditional Ayurvedic procedure is used for treatment Of back pain and back problems. You lie on your stomach, the lumbar region is applied with warm compress, consisting Of herbal dough in the shape Of a "bagel". Warmed oils infused with herbs are gradually poured inside this bagel. 30 minutes/session $28
Face Pack (Face Scrub & Face Musk) An exfoliating scrub mask treatment to soothe spots and control breakouts, very efficacious smooth facial skin and rejuvenation. 30 minutes/session $20
Mukha Lepam / Ayurvedic Facial These are herbal face masks treatment with a specially prepared herbal powder of rejuvenating herbs and fresh cream to nourish the skin. This procedure prevents wrinkles, eliminates existing wrinkles and tones the skin. This method is also effective for the eyes. 30 minutes/session $20
Steam Bath Swedana In Ayurvedic treatment also called as steam therapy which the main objective is to dilate the obstructive channels of the body to detach the toxins from the deep tissues, reducing weight, cleansing respiratory system, improving blood circulation and etc. The body will become rejuvenate and fitter than before. 5-15 minutes/session $18
Herbal Bath This treatment is made from pure Balinese herbs and spices, done by pouring your body with warm herbs decoction and gentle soothing massage, it helps to cleanse and refresh your body, bring deep relaxation, relieved stress, detoxifying, muscle comfort and tranquility. 30 minutes/session $30
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