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PURI AGUNG KARANGASEM Puri Agung Palace, once served as a royal residence, is located in the town of Amlapura, East Bali. After a triple-gate with Balinese carvings visitors enter the palace courtyard with several buildings there. It is Bale London pavilion, the furniture of which is marked by the emblem of British royal family; Maskerdam (referring to Amsterdam) is the main building of Puri Agung; Kampang pavilion is located at a wonderful pond. Between the pond and pavilion there is Maskerdamom Pemandesan, a place where members of the royal family were cremated. Sometimes one of the pavilions can be closed, but that does not take away the charm of a walk through the landscaped grounds of the palace. 30 minutes/session $0
TAMAN UJUNG SUKASADA (WATER PARK) Taman Ujung Sukasada (water park) is a beautiful park with a pond which was used by the Karangasem's King for a day of relaxation or meeting place. It is located in Ujung Countryside about 5 Km from Amlapura town. This park originally had only one pool. At the period of I Gusti Bagus Jelantik governance this pool area was extended and developed by some pools and a luxury building Bale Gili with European style (modern style), also known as the floating palace. From this elevated vantage point guests can appreciate sweeping views of the ocean, the tranquil beauty of the volcanic Mount Agung and surrounding rice terraces. 30 minutes/session $0
TIRTAGANGGA WATER PALACE This water palace which is a series of pools and ponds with fountains and mythical statues was built by the last Raja/King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah around 1948. Tirtagangga's elegant palace was damaged on several occasions, including the 1963 eruption of Mount Agung. It isn't grand, but it's still a place of beauty and reminder of the former power of the Balinese rajahs. According to the legend, if you dip into the waters of Tirtagangga during a full moon, you can get youth and to be healed of many diseases. In Tirtaganga pools you can really swim. 30 minutes/session $0
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